Art of Laurie Hayward

                        Art of Laurie Hayward

Breezey Morning
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                 Artist's Statement

I find beauty everywhere.  Painting    is a way to take some of that beauty and capture my individual response.  I can then put that response into a recognizable  form and share it with others.   Light is required in order to see and my response is often directly related to the quality of light.   I try to pay special attention to what it is about the light that drew me.  For me, it is the response, both mine and yours, that is important.  So, I do not always paint exactly what is in front of me.   Rather, what I see provides the inspiration.   I grew up in New England and live in New England now; so, inspiration for some of my paintings has been gleaned on the shores of Lake Sunapee in New Hampshire and Lake Thompson in Maine, along roadsides, wooded trails, the coasts of Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts and the wealth of rivers, streams, lakes, ponds and beaches throughout New England.  Enjoy!

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